Nursing Home Orientation and Training Requirements
Nursing Home Orientation and Training Requirements

Required Nursing Home Employee Orientation

Pursuant to Minnesota Administrative Rule 4658.0100 EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION AND IN-SERVICE EDUCATION, Subpart 1. Orientation and initial training. All personnel must be instructed in the requirements of the law and the rules pertaining to their respective duties and the instruction must be documented. All personnel must be informed of the policies of the nursing home, and procedure manuals must be readily available to guide them in the performance of their duties.

Subp. 2. In-service education. A nursing home must provide in-service education. The in-service education must be sufficient to ensure the continuing competence of employees, must address areas identified by the quality assessment and assurance committee, and must address the special needs of residents as determined by the nursing home staff. A nursing home must provide an in-service training program in rehabilitation for all nursing personnel to promote ambulation; aid in activities of daily living; assist in activities, self-help, maintenance of range of motion, and proper chair and bed positioning; and in the prevention or reduction of incontinence.

Subp. 3. Reference materials. Textbooks, periodicals, dictionaries, and other reference materials must be available and kept current. A nursing home must review the currency of these reference materials at least annually.

Coordination of Orientation and In-Service Education

Subp. 4. Coordination of in-service education programs. In a nursing home with over 90 beds, one person must be designated as responsible for coordination of all in-service education programs.

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Orientation of Nursing Home Employees in Minnesota
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