Regulations for Minnesota Nursing Home Inspection
Regulations for Minnesota Nursing Home Inspection

Minnesota Department of Health Nursing Home Inspection

Nursing home inspection. Pursuant to Minnesota Statute 144A.10 INSPECTION; COMMISSIONER OF HEALTH; FINES.

Subdivision 1. Enforcement authority. The commissioner of health is the exclusive state agency charged with the responsibility and duty of inspecting all facilities required to be licensed under section 144A.02. The commissioner of health shall enforce the rules established pursuant to sections 144A.01 to 144A.155, subject only to the authority of the Department of Public Safety respecting the enforcement of fire and safety standards in nursing homes and the responsibility of the commissioner of human services under sections 245A.01 to 245A.16 or 252.28.

The commissioner may request and must be given access to relevant information, records, incident reports, or other documents in the possession of a licensed facility if the commissioner considers them necessary for the discharge of responsibilities. For the purposes of inspections and securing information to determine compliance with the licensure laws and rules, the commissioner need not present a release, waiver, or consent of the individual. The identities of patients or residents must be kept private as defined by section 13.02, subdivision 12.

Subd. 1a. Training and education for nursing facility providers. The commissioner of health must establish and implement a prescribed process and program for providing training and education to providers licensed by the Department of Health, in conjunction with the industry trade associations, before using any new regulatory guideline, regulation, interpretation, program letter or memorandum, or any other materials used in surveyor training to survey licensed providers. The process should include, but is not limited to, the following key components:

(1) facilitate the implementation of immediate revisions to any course curriculum for nursing assistants which reflect any new standard of care practice that has been adopted or referenced by the Health Department concerning the issue in question;

(2) conduct training of long-term care providers and health department survey inspectors jointly on the department’s new expectations; and

(3) the commissioner shall consult with experts in the field to develop or make available training resources on current standards of practice and the use of technology.

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Inspection of Nursing Homes
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