Composite Campus Model Facilities Must Provide Policies and Procedures for Each Division
Composite Campus Model Facilities Must Provide Policies and Procedures for Each Division

Composite Provider Must Disclose Policies

Composite Campus. According to Federal Law, 42 CFR.483.10(g)(15) Admission to a composite distinct part. A facility that is a composite distinct part (as defined in §483.5 must disclose in its admission agreement its physical configuration, including the various locations that comprise the composite distinct part, and must specify the policies that apply to room changes between its different locations under §483.15(c)(9).

What is a Composite Provider

There are many facilities which provide different levels of care depending on the resident’s needs.  There can be a memory care for dementia and Alzheimer’s residents, assisted living, rehabilitative care, or typical long term care usually called a nursing home.   The resident is entitled to the information about the level of care and supervision to be provided by each division and where the separation is in the building and the policies and procedures they can expect in each division of care in the composite provider’s facility.

According to, health & contact information you may be asked to give to a nursing home for admission:

Medical history: a list of any current or past health problems, any past surgeries or treatments, any shots you’ve had, and allergies you have to food or medicine

Current health status: a list of your current health problems, recent diagnostic test results, and information about any activities of daily living that might be difficult for you to do by yourself

Current medicines: a list of medicines with the dose, how often you take it, and why you take it

Contact information (names, addresses, and phone numbers) for your health care providers

Contact information for family members to call in case of an emergency

Health care advance directives

Please contact elder abuse and neglect Attorney Kenneth LaBore with any questions you may have at 612-743-9048.

Composite Campus Model Provider Must Disclose Policies for Each Division
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