Asst Living Definition
Asst Living Definitions

According to Minn. Stat. 144G.08, the asst living definitions for the meaning of words used in the statute.

Overview of Asst Living Definitions

According to Minn 144G.08, Subd. 7. “assisted living facility” means a facility that provides sleeping accommodations and assisted living services to one or more adults. Assisted living facility includes assisted living facility with dementia care, and does not include:

(1) emergency shelter, transitional housing, or any other residential units serving exclusively or primarily homeless individuals;

(2) a nursing home licensed under chapter 144A;

(3) a hospital, certified boarding care, or supervised living facility;

(4) a lodging establishment licensed under chapter 157 and Minnesota Rules;

(5) services and residential settings licensed under chapter 245A, including adult foster care and services and settings;

(6) a private home in which the residents are related by kinship, law, or affinity with the provider of services;

(7) a duly organized condominium, cooperative, and common interest community, or owners’ association of the condominium, cooperative, and common interest community where at least 80 percent of the units that comprise the condominium, cooperative, or common interest community are occupied by individuals who are the owners, members, or shareholders of the units;

(8) a temporary family health care dwelling;

(9) a setting offering services conducted by and for the adherents of any recognized church or religious denomination for its members exclusively through spiritual means or by prayer for healing;

(10) housing financed pursuant to sections 462A.37 and 462A.375, units financed with low-income housing tax credits pursuant to United States Code, title 26, section 42, and units financed by the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency that are intended to serve individuals with disabilities or individuals who are homeless, except for those developments that market or hold themselves out as assisted living facilities and provide assisted living services;

(11) rental housing developed under United States Code, title 42, section 1437, or United States Code, title 12, section 1701q;

(12) rental housing designated for occupancy by only elderly or elderly and disabled residents under United States Code, title 42, section 1437e, or rental housing for qualifying families under Code of Federal Regulations, title 24, section 983.56;

(13) rental housing funded under United States Code, title 42, chapter 89, or United States Code, title 42, section 8011;

(14) a covered setting; or

(15) any establishment that exclusively or primarily serves as a shelter or temporary shelter for victims of domestic or any other form of violence.

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Asst Living Definitions
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