Minnesota Nursing Home Director of Nursing Services Requirements
Minnesota Nursing Home Director of Nursing Services Requirements

Minnesota Director of Nursing Rules

Pursuant to Minnesota Administrative Rule 4658.0500 DIRECTOR OF NURSING SERVICES, Subpart 1. Qualifications and duties. A nursing home must have a director of nursing services who is a registered nurse.

Subp. 2. Requirement of full-time employment. A director of nursing services must be employed full time, no less than 35 hours per week, and be assigned full time to the nursing services of the nursing home.

Subp. 3. Assistant to director. A nursing home must designate a nurse to be responsible for the duties of the director of nursing services related to the provision of resident services in the director’s absence.

Subp. 4. Education. A person newly appointed to the position of the director of nursing services must have training in rehabilitation nursing, gerontology, nursing service administration, management, supervision, and psychiatric or geriatric nursing before or within the first 12 months after appointment as director of nursing services.

Additional Director of Nursing Requirements

Pursuant to Minnesota Administrative Rule 4658.0505 RESPONSIBILITIES; DIRECTOR OF NURSING SERVICES.

The written job description for the director of nursing services must include responsibility for:

A. the total nursing care of residents and the accuracy of the nursing care records;

B. establishing and implementing procedures for the provision of nursing care and delegated medical care, developing nursing policy and procedure manuals that must be available at each nurse’s station, and developing written job descriptions for each category of nursing personnel;

C. planning and conducting orientation programs for new nursing personnel, volunteers, and temporary staff, and continuing in-service education for all nursing home staff in nursing homes under 90 beds, if no one is designated as responsible for all in-service education;
D. determining with the administrator the numbers and levels of nursing personnel to be employed;

E. participating in recruitment, selection, and termination of nursing personnel;

F. assigning, supervising, and evaluating the performance of all nursing personnel;

G. delegating and monitoring nonnursing responsibilities to other staff consistent with their training, experience, competence, and legal authorization, and with nursing home policy;

H. participating in the selection of prospective residents based on nursing care needed and nursing personnel competencies available;

I. assuring that a comprehensive plan of care is established and implemented for each resident and that the plan is reviewed at least quarterly and within seven days of the revision of the comprehensive resident assessment required by part 4658.0400, subpart 3, item B;

J. coordinating nursing services for the residents in the nursing home with other resident care services provided both within and outside the nursing home;

K. participating in planning, decision making, and budgeting for nursing care;

L. interacting with physicians to plan care for residents; and

M. assuring that discharge and transfer planning for residents is conducted.

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Director of Nursing Requirements for Nursing Homes
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