Nursing Home Dietary Services Included in Charges
Nursing Home Dietary Services Included in Charges

Dietary Services are Included in Medicare or Medicaid Billing for Nursing Home

Nutritional Food Services are Included in §483.10  in resident rights.  Nursing and dietary food services are included in the bill for nursing home services provided to residents.

42 CFR 483.10 (b)(8)(i) Services included in Medicare or Medicaid payment. During the course of a covered Medicare or Medicaid stay, facilities may not charge a resident for the following categories of items and services:

(B) Dietary care services as required at 483.60 of this subpart.

Which  means the foods and hydration that is needed to provide you with the best care and health practicable.  You are entitled to food that meets your preferences and dietary needs.

Food Services are included in the costs paid to the nursing home.  If you have questions please call Attorney Kenneth LaBore at 612-743-9048.   Elder Abuse and Neglect Comes in Many Forms – Advocate Against Elder Abuse in All Forms!

It is important that vulnerable adults receive the necessary medical care and treatment.   The Provision the nutrition and dietary needs of residents is a baseline for good health and rehabilitation.  Nursing home residents should receive adequate amounts of appetizing healthful foods which meet their doctor’s orders.

Other rights include the right to adequate numbers of well trained staff to provide cares and treatments, toilet, dress, assist with eating and other activities of daily living.   Federal and state regulations set forth the minimums in quality of care and dietary that a resident can expect when receiving services from a Medicare Medicaid certified facility.

If you have concerns about the care, including the food and dietary services provided to a resident contact the State of Minnesota at 1-844–880-1574 to report your concerns to the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center.

Dietary Services Are Included in Nursing Home Charges
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