Right in Minnesota to Discontinue Life Sustaining Treatment
Right in Minnesota to Discontinue Life Sustaining Treatment

Process for Request to Discontinue Life Sustaining Treatment

Pursuant to Minnesota Statute 144A.4791, Subd. 13., request for discontinuation of life-sustaining treatment, (a) if a client, family member, or other caregiver of the client requests that an employee or other agent of the home care provider discontinue a life-sustaining treatment, the employee or agent receiving the request:

(1) shall take no action to discontinue the treatment; and

(2) shall promptly inform the supervisor or other agent of the home care provider of the client’s request.

(b) Upon being informed of a request for termination of treatment, the home care provider shall promptly:

(1) inform the client that the request will be made known to the physician who ordered the client’s treatment;

(2) inform the physician of the client’s request; and

(3) work with the client and the client’s physician to comply with the provisions of the Health Care Directive Act in chapter 145C.

(c) This section does not require the home care provider to discontinue treatment, except as may be required by law or court order.

(d) This section does not diminish the rights of clients to control their treatments, refuse services, or terminate their relationships with the home care provider.

(e) This section shall be construed in a manner consistent with chapter 145B or 145C, whichever applies, and declarations made by clients under those chapters.

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Request to Discontinue Life Sustaining Treatment
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