Assisted Living Housing and Services
Assisted Living Housing and Services

Assisted Living Housing and Services

According to Minn. Stat. 144G.04, Subdivision 1. Responsibility for housing and services. The facility is directly responsible to the resident for all housing and service-related matters provided, irrespective of a management contract. Housing and service-related matters include but are not limited to the handling of complaints, the provision of notices, and the initiation of any adverse action against the resident involving housing or services provided by the facility.

Subd. 2. Uniform checklist disclosure of services.

(a) All assisted living facilities must provide to prospective residents:

(1) a disclosure of the categories of assisted living licenses available and the category of license held by the facility;

(2) a written checklist listing all services permitted under the facility’s license, identifying all services the facility offers to provide under the assisted living facility contract, and identifying all services allowed under the license that the facility does not provide; and

(3) an oral explanation of the services offered under the contract.

(b) The requirements of paragraph (a) must be completed prior to the execution of the assisted living contract.

(c) The commissioner must, in consultation with all interested stakeholders, design the uniform checklist disclosure form for use as provided under paragraph (a).

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