Assisted Living Medication Management Services
Assisted Living Medication Management Services

Assisted Living Medication Management

According to Minn. Stat. 144G.71, Subd. 1, medication management services, (a) This section applies only to assisted living facilities that provide medication management services.

(b) An assisted living facility that provides medication management services must develop, implement, and maintain current written medication management policies and procedures. The policies and procedures must be developed under the supervision and direction of a registered nurse, licensed health professional, or pharmacist consistent with current practice standards and guidelines.

(c) The written policies and procedures must address requesting and receiving prescriptions for medications; preparing and giving medications; verifying that prescription drugs are administered as prescribed; documenting medication management activities; controlling and storing medications; monitoring and evaluating medication use; resolving medication errors; communicating with the prescriber, pharmacist, and resident and legal and designated representatives; disposing of unused medications; and educating residents and legal and designated representatives about medications. When controlled substances are being managed, the policies and procedures must also identify how the provider will ensure security and accountability for the overall management, control, and disposition of those substances in compliance with state and federal regulations and with subdivision 23.

For the rest of medication management Minn. Stat. 144G.71 click here.

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Assisted Living Medication Management Services
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