Assisted Living Resident Record
Assisted Living Resident Record


According to Minn. Stat. Subdivision 1, resident record (a) Assisted living facilities must maintain records for each resident for whom it is providing services. Entries in the resident records must be current, legible, permanently recorded, dated, and authenticated with the name and title of the person making the entry.

(b) Resident records, whether written or electronic, must be protected against loss, tampering, or unauthorized disclosure in compliance with chapter 13 and other applicable relevant federal and state laws. The facility shall establish and implement written procedures to control use, storage, and security of resident records and establish criteria for release of resident information.

(c) The facility may not disclose to any other person any personal, financial, or medical information about the resident, except:

(1) as may be required by law;

(2) to employees or contractors of the facility, another facility, other health care practitioner or provider, or inpatient facility needing information in order to provide services to the resident, but only the information that is necessary for the provision of services;

(3) to persons authorized in writing by the resident, including third-party payers; and

(4) to representatives of the commissioner authorized to survey or investigate facilities under this chapter or federal laws.

Access to Records

The facility must ensure that the appropriate records are readily available to employees and contractors authorized to access the records. Resident records must be maintained in a manner that allows for timely access, printing, or transmission of the records. The records must be made readily available to the commissioner upon request.

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Assisted Living Resident Record
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