Minimum Assisted Living Facility Requirements
Minimum Assisted Living Facility Requirements


Facility Requirements in Minn. Stat. 144G.41, Subdivision 1. Minimum requirements. All assisted living facilities shall:(1) distribute to residents the assisted living bill of rights;

(2) provide services in a manner that complies with the Nurse Practice Act in sections 148.171 to 148.285;

(3) utilize a person-centered planning and service delivery process;

(4) have and maintain a system for delegation of health care activities to unlicensed personnel by a registered nurse, including supervision and evaluation of the delegated activities as required by the Nurse Practice Act in sections 148.171 to 148.285;

(5) provide a means for residents to request assistance for health and safety needs 24 hours per day, seven days per week;

(6) allow residents the ability to furnish and decorate the resident’s unit within the terms of the assisted living contract;

(7) permit residents access to food at any time;

(8) allow residents to choose the resident’s visitors and times of visits;

(9) allow the resident the right to choose a roommate if sharing a unit;

(10) notify the resident of the resident’s right to have and use a lockable door to the resident’s unit. The licensee shall provide the locks on the unit. Only a staff member with a specific need to enter the unit shall have keys, and advance notice must be given to the resident before entrance, when possible. An assisted living facility must not lock a resident in the resident’s unit;

(11) develop and implement a staffing plan for determining its staffing level that:

(i) includes an evaluation, to be conducted at least twice a year, of the appropriateness of staffing levels in the facility;

(ii) ensures sufficient staffing at all times to meet the scheduled and reasonably foreseeable unscheduled needs of each resident as required by the residents’ assessments and service plans on a 24-hour per day basis; and

(iii) ensures that the facility can respond promptly and effectively to individual resident emergencies and to emergency, life safety, and disaster situations affecting staff or residents in the facility;

(12) ensure that one or more persons are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, who are responsible for responding to the requests of residents for assistance with health or safety needs. Such persons must be:

(i) awake;

(ii) located in the same building, in an attached building, or on a contiguous campus with the facility in order to respond within a reasonable amount of time;

(iii) capable of communicating with residents;

(iv) capable of providing or summoning the appropriate assistance; and

(v) capable of following directions;

(13) offer to provide or make available at least the following services to residents:

(i) at least three nutritious meals daily with snacks available seven days per week, according to the recommended dietary allowances in the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines, including seasonal fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. The following apply:

(A) menus must be prepared at least one week in advance, and made available to all residents. The facility must encourage residents’ involvement in menu planning. Meal substitutions must be of similar nutritional value if a resident refuses a food that is served. Residents must be informed in advance of menu changes;

(B) food must be prepared and served according to the Minnesota Food Code, Minnesota Rules, chapter 4626; and

(C) the facility cannot require a resident to include and pay for meals in their contract;

(ii) weekly housekeeping;

(iii) weekly laundry service;

(iv) upon the request of the resident, provide direct or reasonable assistance with arranging for transportation to medical and social services appointments, shopping, and other recreation, and provide the name of or other identifying information about the persons responsible for providing this assistance;

(v) upon the request of the resident, provide reasonable assistance with accessing community resources and social services available in the community, and provide the name of or other identifying information about persons responsible for providing this assistance;

(vi) provide culturally sensitive programs; and

(vii) have a daily program of social and recreational activities that are based upon individual and group interests, physical, mental, and psychosocial needs, and that creates opportunities for active participation in the community at large; and

(14) provide staff access to an on-call registered nurse 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

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Minimum Assisted Living Facility Requirements
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