Minnesota Nursing Homes Must Undergo Evaluation of Services and Care
Minnesota Nursing Homes Must Undergo Evaluation of Services and Care

Minnesota Nursing Home Evaluation Regulations

According to Minnesota Administrative Rule 4658.0035 EVALUATION, a nursing home is subject to evaluation and approval by the department of the nursing home’s physical plant and its operational aspects before a change in ownership, classification, capacity, or an addition of services which necessitates a change in the nursing home’s physical plant.

Evaluation Including Many Issues Including..

The nursing home must conduct an initial comprehensive and accurate assessment of each resident’s functional capacity. Minnesota Rule 4658.0405, Subpart 1, requires that “a nursing home must develop a comprehensive plan of care for each resident within seven days after the completion of the comprehensive resident assessment as defined in part 4658.0400”. The comprehensive plan of care must be developed by an interdisciplinary team that includes the attending physician, a registered nurse with responsibility for the resident, and other appropriate staff in disciplines as determined by the resident’s needs, and, to the extent practicable, with the participation of the resident, their legal guardian or chosen representative.

It is important that there is an established baseline of the medical condition of the resident upon admission to the facility; this is generally completed in the admission process where the doctor’s orders for the resident as well as the assessments of the relevant risks and needs are compiled into the resident’s care plan. The care plan can then be compared and contrasted with the care and treatment as actually provided and documented in the medical records/chart of the resident.

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Evaluation Requirements in Minnesota Nursing Homes
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