Nursing Home Resident's Physician Must be Notified When There is an Accident or Change in Condition
Nursing Home Resident’s Physician Must be Notified When There is an Accident or Change in Condition

Physician Notification Required When Change of Condition or Accident

According to Federal Law, 42 CFR.483.10(g)(14), the facility must immediately inform the resident; consult with the resident’s physician; and notify, consistent with his or her authority, the resident representative(s), when there is—
(A) An accident involving the resident which results in injury and has the potential for requiring physician intervention;
(B) A significant change in the resident’s physical, mental, or psychosocial status (that is, a deterioration in health, mental, or psychosocial status in either life-threatening conditions or clinical complications);
(C) A need to alter treatment significantly (that is, a need to discontinue or change an existing form of treatment due to adverse consequences, or to commence a new form of treatment); or
(D) A decision to transfer or discharge the resident from the facility as specified in §483.15(c)(1)(ii).

Change of Condition of Resident Requires Notification

(ii) When making notification under paragraph (g)(14)(i) of this section, the facility must ensure that all pertinent information specified in §483.15(c)(2) is available and provided upon request to the physician.
(iii) The facility must also promptly notify the resident and the resident representative, if any, when there is—
(A) A change in room or roommate assignment as specified in §483.10(e)(6); or
(B) A change in resident rights under Federal or State law or regulations as specified in paragraph (e)(10) of this section.
(iv) The facility must record and periodically update the address (mailing and email) and phone number of the resident representative(s).

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Nursing Home Must Notify Physician of Accidents
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