Assisted Living Policies and Procedures

Minnesota Assisted Living Policies and Procedures
Minnesota Assisted Living Policies and Procedures

Minn Stat. 144.41 Subd. 2. Policies and Procedures

According to Minn. Stat. 144.21, Subd. 2, each assisted living facility must have policies and procedures in place to address the following and keep them current:

(1) requirements in section 626.557, reporting of maltreatment of vulnerable adults;

(2) conducting and handling background studies on employees;

(3) orientation, training, and competency evaluations of staff, and a process for evaluating staff performance;

(4) handling complaints regarding staff or services provided by staff;

(5) conducting initial evaluations of residents’ needs and the providers’ ability to provide those services;

(6) conducting initial and ongoing resident evaluations and assessments of resident needs, including assessments by a registered nurse or appropriate licensed health professional, and how changes in a resident’s condition are identified, managed, and communicated to staff and other health care providers as appropriate;

(7) orientation to and implementation of the assisted living bill of rights;

(8) infection control practices;

(9) reminders for medications, treatments, or exercises, if provided;

(10) conducting appropriate screenings, or documentation of prior screenings, to show that staff are free of tuberculosis, consistent with current United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention standards;

(11) ensuring that nurses and licensed health professionals have current and valid licenses to practice;

(12) medication and treatment management;

(13) delegation of tasks by registered nurses or licensed health professionals;

(14) supervision of registered nurses and licensed health professionals; and

(15) supervision of unlicensed personnel performing delegated tasks.

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