Nursing Homes Must Have License According to State and Federal Law

Minnesota Nursing Homes Must Have a License From the State

Pursuant to Minnesota Administrative Rule, 4658.0020 LICENSING IN GENERAL. Subpart 1., required, for the purpose of this chapter, a state license is required for a facility where nursing home care is provided for five or more aged or infirm persons who are not acutely ill.

Subp. 2. Fees. Each application for either an initial or renewal license to operate a nursing home must be accompanied by a fee based upon the formula as provided by Minnesota Statutes, section 144.122. A bed must be licensed if it is available for use by residents. If the number of licensed beds is increased during the term of the license, a full year’s fee for each additional bed must be paid. There is no refund for a decrease in licensed beds.

Subp. 3. Expiration date. Initial and renewal licenses are issued for one year and expire on the anniversary date of issuance. A license renewal must be applied for on an annual basis.

Subp. 4. To be posted. The license must be posted at the main entrance of a nursing home.

Subp. 5. Separate licenses. Separate licenses are required for institutions maintained on separate, noncontiguous premises even though operated under the same management. A separate license is not required for separate buildings maintained by the same owner on the same premises.

Federal Regulations Also Require Licensure of Nursing Homes

Federal regulations contained in 42 CFR § 483.70, administration, a facility must be administered in a manner that enables it to use its resources effectively and efficiently to attain or maintain the highest practicable physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being of each resident.

(a) Licensure. A facility must be licensed under applicable State and local law.

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License of Nursing Home Required by State and Federal Law
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