Nursing Home Residents Have the Right to Have Advanced Directives, DNI, DNR, POLST Followed by Nursing Home

Federal Law on Advanced Directives

Advanced Directives. According to Federal Law, 42 CFR.483.10(g)(12), the facility must comply with the requirements specified in 42 CFR part 489, subpart I (Advance Directives).
(i) These requirements include provisions to inform and provide written information to all adult residents concerning the right to accept or refuse medical or surgical treatment and, at the resident’s option, formulate an advance directive.
(ii) This includes a written description of the facility’s policies to implement advance directives and applicable State law.

Additional Federal Law

(iii) Facilities are permitted to contract with other entities to furnish this information but are still legally responsible for ensuring that the requirements of this section are met.

(iv) If an adult individual is incapacitated at the time of admission and is unable to receive information or articulate whether or not he or she has executed an advance directive, the facility may give advance directive information to the individual’s resident representative in accordance with State law.
(v) The facility is not relieved of its obligation to provide this information to the individual once he or she is able to receive such information. Follow-up procedures must be in place to provide the information to the individual directly at the appropriate time.
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Advanced Directives Must Be Followed By Nursing Home
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