Minnesota Nursing Home Rules for Personnel and Employee Compliance
Minnesota Nursing Home Rules for Personnel and Employee Compliance

Employee Rules for Minnesota Nursing Home Staff

Pursuant to Minnesota Administrative Rule 4658.0120 EMPLOYEE POLICIES, Subpart 1. Keys. The person in charge of a nursing home on each work shift must have the ability to open all doors and locks in the nursing home except the business office.

Subp. 2. Requirements for staff. A nursing home must have at least one responsible person awake, dressed, and on duty at all times. The person must be at least 21 years of age and capable of performing the required duties of evacuating the residents.

Subp. 3. Identification of staff. Each employee and volunteer must wear a badge which includes name and position.

Additional Personnel Rules

According Minnesota Administrative Rule 4658.0125 PERSONAL BELONGINGS, employee and personnel must not keep personal belongings in the food service or resident areas. Provision must be made elsewhere for storage.

According to Medicare.gov, staffing chart, when comparing staffing levels of different nursing homes. Some nursing homes care for residents with greater care needs, like those who have just had an injury, surgery, or a serious illness.

These nursing homes generally have more staff and more staffing hours. Nurse staffing levels are just one part of staffing. The actual skill and turnover of the staff are also important, and aren’t represented in these numbers. Other types of nursing home staff like clerical, administrative, or housekeeping staff aren’t included in these staffing numbers.

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Nursing Home Personnel and Employee Regulations
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