Rules for Violation of Nursing Home Regulations
Rules for Violation of Nursing Home Regulations

Regulations for Violation of Minnesota Nursing Homes

Pursuant to Minnesota Administrative Rule 4658.0045 PENALTIES FOR LICENSING RULE VIOLATION, penalty assessments will be assessed on a daily basis for violations of parts 4658.0010 to 4658.0035 and are as follows:

Rules Setting Forth When Violation of Minnesota Regulations for Nursing Homes

A. part 4658.0020, subparts 1, 2, and 3, $250;

B. part 4658.0020, subparts 4 and 5, $50;

C. part 4658.0025, $250;

D. part 4658.0030, $100; and

E. part 4658.0035, $100.

Federal requirements specify that each NF must provide, (and residents may not be charged for), at least:

Nursing and Pharmaceutical services (with assurance of accurate acquiring, receiving, dispensing, and administering of drugs and biologicals)

Dietary services individualized to the needs of each resident

Professionally directed program of activities to meet the interests and needs d related services

Specialized rehabilitative services (treatment and services required by residents with mental illness or intellectual disability, not provided or arranged for by the state)

Medically-related social servicesfor well being of each resident

Emergency dental services (and routine dental services to the extent covered under the state plan)

Room and bed maintenance services

Routine personal hygiene items and services

Residents may be charged for:

Private room, unless medically needed

Specially prepared food, beyond that generally prepared by the facility

Telephone, television, radio

Personal comfort items including tobacco products and confections

Cosmetic and grooming items and services in excess of those included in the basic service

Personal clothing

Personal reading materials

Gifts purchased on behalf of a resident

Flowers and plants

Social events and activities beyond the activity program

Special care services not included in the facility’s Medicaid payment

Common areas of cases I see include:  Falls from Beds, Hoyer Lifts and in the Bathroom; Sexual Abuse; Medication Errors and Other Injuries.  STOP ELDER ABUSE AND NEGLECT!

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Violation Rules for Minnesota Nursing Homes
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