Nursing Homes Must Conduct a Comprehensive Resident Assessment
Nursing Homes Must Conduct a Comprehensive Resident Assessment

Nursing Homes Must Conduct Resident Assessment

Pursuant to Minnesota Administrative Rule 4658.0400 COMPREHENSIVE RESIDENT ASSESSMENT, Subpart 1, Assessment. A nursing home must conduct a comprehensive assessment of each resident’s needs, which describes the resident’s capability to perform daily life functions and significant impairments in functional capacity. A nursing assessment conducted according to Minnesota Statutes, section 148.171, subdivision 15, may be used as part of the comprehensive assessment. The results of the comprehensive resident assessment must be used to develop, review, and revise the resident’s comprehensive plan of care as defined in part 4658.0405

Subp. 2. Information gathered. The comprehensive resident assessment must include at least the following information:

A. medically defined conditions and prior medical history;
B. medical status measurement;
C. physical and mental functional status;
D. sensory and physical impairments;
E. nutritional status and requirements;
F. special treatments or procedures;
G. mental and psychosocial status;
H. discharge potential;
I. dental condition;
J. activities potential;
K. rehabilitation potential;
L. cognitive status;
M. drug therapy; and
N. resident preferences.

Frequency of Assessments

Subp. 3. Frequency. Comprehensive resident assessments must be conducted:

A. within 14 days after the date of admission;
B. within 14 days after a significant change in the resident’s physical or mental condition; and
C. at least once every 12 months.

Subp. 4. Review of assessments. A nursing home must examine each resident at least quarterly and must revise the resident’s comprehensive assessment to ensure the continued accuracy of the assessment.

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Required Comprehensive Resident Assessment
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