Nursing Home Employee Personnel Records
Nursing Home Employee Personnel Records

Minnesota Nursing Home Records

Pursuant to Minnesota Administrative Rule 4658.0130 EMPLOYEES’ PERSONNEL RECORDS, a current personnel record must be maintained for each employee and be stored in a confidential manner. The personnel records for at least the most recent three-year period must be maintained by the nursing home. The records must be available to representatives of the department and must contain:

A. the person’s name, address, telephone number, gender, Minnesota license, certification, or registration number, if applicable, and similar identifying data;

B. a list of the individual’s training, experience, and previous employment;

C. the date of employment, type of position currently held, hours of work, and attendance records; and

D. the date of resignation or discharge.
Employee health information, including the record of all accidents and those illnesses reportable under part 4605.7040, must be maintained and stored in a separate employee medical record.

Nursing Home Care Issues

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Personnel Records Regulations for Nursing Homes
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