NPUAP Unstageable - Dark Eschar Pressure Injury
NPUAP Unstageable – Dark Eschar Pressure Injury, Stages of Pressure Ulcers


National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel Stages of Pressure Ulcers

Has an detailed description of the various Stages of Pressure Ulcers also known as Decubitus Ulcers and Bed Sores.  The site shows skin conditions in each of the Stages of Pressure Ulcers:

Staging Illustrations of;


Stage One    non-blachable erythema

Stage Two    partial thickness

Stage Three  full thickness skin loss

Stage Four    full thickness tissue loss

Unstageable  full thickness skin or tissue loss – depth unknown

Suspected Deep Tissue Injury – depth unknown

Federal Standards Concerning Stages of Pressure Ulcers

According to 42 CFR 483.25 (b) Skin integrity—(1) Pressure ulcers. Based on the comprehensive assessment of a resident, the facility must ensure that—

(i) A resident receives care, consistent with professional standards of practice, to prevent pressure ulcers and does not develop pressure ulcers unless the individual’s clinical condition demonstrates that they were unavoidable; and

(ii) A resident with pressure ulcers receives necessary treatment and services, consistent with professional standards of practice, to promote healing, prevent infection and prevent new ulcers from developing.

If you suspect a loved one is suffering from a Pressure Ulcer, PLEASE TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION!

For more information regarding Staging of Pressure Ulcers please look at the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel website located at: NPUAP, National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel.

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Stages of Pressure Ulcers

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