Nursing Home Resident Patient Rights
Nursing Home Resident Patient Rights

Patient Rights – If you need information pertaining to resident rights or assistance on how to apply for Medicare and Medicaid to pay for charges at a skilled nursing facility or nursing home – there is a federal regulation that provides the facility must provide this information.

§483.10   Resident – Patient rights.

The resident has a right to a dignified existence, self-determination, and communication with and access to persons and services inside and outside the facility. A facility must protect and promote the rights of each resident, including each of the following patient rights:

(b)(10) The facility must prominently display in the facility written information and provide to residents and applicants for admission oral and written information about how to apply for and use Medicare and Medicaid benefits, and how to receive refunds for previous payments covered by such benefits.

Residents have the right to be free from abuse and neglect and to have their needs properly assessed and then provided per a care plan created by qualified doctors, therapists, and nurses.   Common mistakes in nursing homes include medication errors, such as overdosing, wrong medication being provided, failure to provide medication and others.

Sexual abuse and physical abuse are also forms of preventable elder abuse. Resident on resident, staff on resident, and other abuse occurs usually due to a lack of security, background on staff, misplaced residents that are a known risk to others, or a lack of staff present to supervise vulnerable residents.

Another form of preventable neglect comes from failing to properly train and supervise staff to assure safe and timely transfers of residents.  Many types of serious fracture injuries and death occur when there is a fall or dropping of a resident.

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Resident Patient Rights