When Outside Resources are Required for Minnesota Nursing Homes
When Outside Resources are Required for Minnesota Nursing Homes

Minnesota Requirements for Outside Resources When Needed in Nursing Homes

According to Minnesota Administrative Rule 4658.0075 OUTSIDE RESOURCES, if a nursing home does not employ a qualified professional person to furnish a specific service to be provided by the nursing home, the nursing home must have that service furnished to residents under a written agreement with a person or agency outside the nursing home. The written agreement must specify that the service meets professional standards and principles that apply to professionals providing services in a nursing home, and that the service meets the same standards as required by this chapter.

Use of Outside Resources is Common

Many nursing homes and other care providers use outside resources for many of their caregivers including contract doctors and nursing practitioners, temporary nursing staff, nursing aides, medication administration, feeding assistance and others.  It is critical that staff not familiar with the residents and their care needs have access to policies and procedures, resident information and are supervised and assisted by other well trained and credentialed staff.

Common areas of cases I see include:  Falls from Beds, Hoyer Lifts and in the Bathroom; Sexual Abuse; Medication Errors and Others.  STOP ELDER ABUSE AND NEGLECT!

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Outside Resources Requirements for Minnesota Nursing Homes

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