Minnesota Nursing Home Board of Nursing Home Administrators
Minnesota Nursing Home Board of Nursing Home Administrators

Information About Nursing Home Administrators

Minnesota has a Board of Nursing Home Administrators which is the regulatory body with oversight over administrators of nursing homes. Each nursing home is required by state law to have a licensed administrator and cannot operate without one. Here is a copy of the Goals and Objectives from the Minnesota Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators:

Mission of BENHA

The mission of the Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators is to promote the public’s interest in quality care and effective services for residents of nursing facilities by ensuring that licensed administrators are qualified to perform their administrative duties.

Goals and Strategic Plan for Nursing Home Administrator

In late 2007 and 2008 the Minnesota Board of Nursing Home Administrators reviewed their mission, current operational effectiveness, national trends, and future skill sets required of a contemporary administrator and focused on four major areas to further promote the public’s interest in quality care by ensuring quality administrators. The continuously revised working copy of board discussion is found on the website.

GOAL #1: Goals towards addressing Assisted Living Administrators Credentialing

Based on recent national developments and emerging models towards credentialing of Assisted Living Administrators, the board will volunteer to coordinate a stakeholder meeting with consumer and provider participants. 5/08 update: With legislation introduced this year by Elder Care Rights Alliance, the board did not convene this discussion, but will participate in credentialing discussions if so requested.

GOAL #2: Goals directed towards initial academic training and practicum/ field experience

Invite academics and veteran preceptors of interns to discuss ultimate learning environments to prepare new administrators with sufficient skills.
Review state examination expectations, requirements and content.

GOAL #3: Goals Directed Toward Improving Experienced Administrators continued competency

Continue to work with key stakeholders on continued competency expectations and educational growth of the LNHA. Review areas related to continuing education, quality improvement models, just culture, and ethics.

GOAL #4: Goals Directed Toward Board operations effectiveness

Board will maintain involvement with seven academic centers with LNHA programsMinnesota Board of Nursing Home Administrators other provider stakeholders, NAB, and quality improvement objectives involving the core competencies of the LNHA.

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Minnesota Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators

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