Nursing Homes Have Mandated Incident and Accident Reporting Policies
Nursing Homes Have Mandated Incident and Accident Reporting Policies

Minnesota Nursing Homes Incident and Accident Reporting Requirements

Pursuant to Minnesota Administrative Rule 4658.0110 INCIDENT AND ACCIDENT REPORTING, all persons providing services in a nursing home must report any accident or injury to a resident, and the nursing home must immediately complete a detailed incident report of the accident or injury and the action taken after learning of the accident or injury.

There is a Need for Incident Reporting

The state incident and accident reporting regulation is very important as it is the main reason many types of elder abuse and neglect are noticed and eventually addressed by the administrative system and often as well as by criminal and civil legal actions.  The reporting protects the vulnerable adult and can also protect the interests of concerned staff members required to act on behalf of injury to residents without fear of retaliation under the law.   The facility reviews these reports for ways to make the facilities safer and better and the state has documentation of areas to review in surveys and other inspections.

Common areas of cases I see include:  Falls from Beds, Hoyer Lifts and in the Bathroom; Sexual Abuse; Medication Errors and Others.  STOP ELDER ABUSE AND NEGLECT!

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Incident Reporting Regulations in Minnesota Nursing Homes

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