Here is an interesting article on Granny cams’ are catching on as a tool to deter elder abuse by the Star & Tribune, a Minneapolis newspaper.

As an attorney who handles nursing home abuse and neglect cases I would find the recording from a Granny Cam to be helpful, but would also want to balance the privacy rights of the resident in the nursing home.  Overall I believe knowing the there is a camera watching would lead to better care and could document many of the unexplained injuries which can occur in nursing homes.

In 2019 the Minnesota legislature passed a bill to allow residents to use cameras in assisted living and other care facilities with proper notice.  In a recent news article it was explained that in 2020 residents will be allowed to use cameras to record the care and services provided.

Camera can record and document issues with care and potential abuse and neglect.   Types of incidents that be recorded are sexual abuse, physical abuse, falls and related head and fracture injuries. 

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What about Granny Cams in Nursing Homes?