Concerning Increase in Fall Rates for Minnesota Elderly
Concerning Increase in Fall Rates for Minnesota Elderly

Minnesota Newspaper Outlines Fall Rates

Fall Rates in Minnesota and in Minnesota Nursing Homes
Jeremy Olson from the Pioneer Press has written a story on the rates of falls in Minnesota Nursing Homes. This article gives detailed information on the national and Minnesota falls rates concerning the elderly: Often fatal, many falls also are preventable Minnesota officials, care providers team up to cut nation’s third-worst rate
By Jeremy Olson
Updated: 12/01/2008 12:16:01 AM CST


More Information About Nursing Home Resident Fall Rates

Minnesota has the nation’s third-highest falls rate of elderly people dying from falls. And it’s not just the ice and snow. People who are 65 and older here are just as likely to die from falls in July as on slippery sidewalks in December.

The death rate is a mystery for Minnesota, and a top concern for state health leaders. Nursing homes are redesigning and adding technology to reduce fall risks. The state launched a falls prevention campaign last year to educate the public and award grants to communities with innovative ideas.

Minnesotans tend to live longer — reaching ages when fall risks are greatest — but health officials don’t believe fatal falls are inevitable.


Fall-related deaths in Minnesota jumped from 346 in 2000 to 522 in 2006.
Thousands more falls caused brain trauma, hip fractures and other injuries, adding $90 million to $180 million in annual hospital and emergency room spending.

For many seniors, falls hasten their placement in nursing homes. For those with hip fractures, odds are that one in four will die within a year.

Preventing fatal falls is a challenge, because they happen in many ways.


Fall Rates in Minnesota and in Minnesota Nursing Homes

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